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Organization Background

Innoflex Pte Ltd was incorporated in year 2005, leading an industry in a tropical country such as Singapore, which sits just slightly north of the equator and enjoys warm weather throughout the year. Air-conditioning is a luxury which has already becomes an integral part of our lives. Prevalent in most households and infrastructures such as shopping malls, institutions and buildings, air-conditioning has become the widely adopted method to keep the population cool on our sunny island. Innoflex provides wide expertise in existing products in the market and also diversified solutions with house brand products providing relief for the masses in the sweltering weather in Singapore. What sets Innoflex apart from other companies in the industry is its focus on customers, their brands and their consumers. Innoflex has branched out to work with a Taiwanese manufacturer to produce environment friendly, energy saving and cost productive product solutions. Innoflex is known for its ability to consistently deliver new tasks that generate high level of consumer acceptance and brand loyalty. The success of Innoflex was possible due to the desire of the business to improve its products and service so that it would be more eco-friendly and benefitting the consumer. 

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Business Objectives

To grow our leadership position in all major mature and developing markets by being the most inventive, accomplished and creative company; offering the best palette, consumer understanding, collaborative skills, ingenuity, logistics and talent. Innoflex Pte Ltd fully understands the need for change in technology for a better and smarter Singapore, therefore, we have initiated to pursue research and development in a wider field of study in electrical items and ACMV related products. We are confident and competent in our belief to develop products through our research and development program (R&D). Our in-house engineers and research partners are both capable and experienced in the field. Each of our R&D staff hails from different backgrounds and they are all well versed in their fields of study in engineering, product concept, product development and commercialization. We hope to utilize our resources to develop products and services imbued with the Intelligent Nation (iN2015) Masterplan of Singapore. It is also part of our future planning and strategy to take a further step in taking our technology globally outside Singapore. Our subsidiary company, Inox Global Pte Ltd ensures to realize that international objective. We are also in the midst of developing and patent various other eco-friendly technologies.




ACMV Project

Full range of ACMV project service for commercial and residential. Our ACMV project services include:

  • Air-conditioning installation
  • Design & Fabricate air-conditioning system
  • Mechanical ventilating and ducting
  • Turnkey Project

ACMV Services

Air-conditioning service for residential, commercial and industrial. Our services incudes:

  • One-stop air-conditioning services
  • Periodically air-conditioning services (quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly)
  • Checking, troubleshooting & air-conditional repair

M&E Services

Full range of M&E services from design and development to installation, coordination, execution, commissioning, handover and maintenance. Offering excellent services to our clients through:

  • Understanding clients' expectations
  • Provide relevant and reliable professional advice
  • Personalized services (fulfill client unique needs and preferences)

Various minor building and construction works include: Re-Installment, Renovation, Warehouse, Cold Room Setup, A&A Work and Minor Repair Job


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Inox Global Pte Ltd

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