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Innoflex Pte Ltd was established in 2005.

The company is specialised in Air-Conditions Consultancy, Designing, Supplying, Installing and Preventive Maintaining to all types of Air-Condition units for Commercials, Condo, Private House, Retail Shops and many more.


Innoflex also owned a subsidiary company, Green Development Enterprise. The company is committed to offer a more diversified green products line to our consumers through our proactive research and development efforts.




Innoflex Pte Ltd offers the best prices, on-time deliveries, quality materials used and quality workmanship. We give our clients the indication that inspires confidence; a guarantee and assurances that all services engaged would succeed and beyond satisfaction. Thus developing a close and long term working relationships with our clients.


Green Development Enterprise goal is to continually research and develop energy saving products that meet the needs of the ever-changing industry and serve as cost-effective, environmental friendly and high-quality solutions to all our consumers. Our proactive approach to product development has led to many significant innovations.



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